May 2k20 Playlist

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is doing well.

Update 1: I’m okay. Honestly. I know that my last post on here was “Tired.” I’m still quite tired most days. But I’m at a place where the tears come and frustration rolls around, but they don’t leave a huge heaviness anymore.

I can only give credit to God for that. I’ve been in prayer every couple of hours (even when I’m at work). I know He’s shouldering a lot of my burdens, so shout out the the Big Guy.

Update 2: Like I said, I’m working! I’ve been enrolled in a class at school this summer, but I just started interning at a law firm. My first legal job! I’ve only been working for two weeks, but it’s definitely been a learning experience so far. God is revealing a lot to me, there. Plus, I’m finally starting to see the direction He’s leading me to in the legal field, and it’s really exciting.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me lol. I have a playlist for the month of May! Kinda. It’s just a song, but the way I played it last month? It was like ten different songs to me.

Fervent Prayer x Micah Stampley

At least, I hope this song touches you. At most, I hope it’s ten songs in one for you too. I know this is coming in late, but please share some of your favorite songs from May, and let me know what you think of this month’s worship playlist song.

Here’s an excerpt from the last monthly playlist I did, edited, that still rings true:

I know I said that this post would be all about music, but on a very serious note–please join me in taking time this week to pray for the people affected by the mass murders/shootings that have taken place in the last few days in Texas and Ohio everything going on in this country and the world. The senseless murders. The grieving families. The hurting people in this country. The Covid-related illnesses and deaths. The careless leaders. Romans 12:15 tells us to “weep with those who grieve” and I don’t know about you, but my I have been spiritually and physically crying right along with all who’ve been grieving. Hearts everywhere are breaking daily, so I hope that this week (and beyond, honestly) you’ll join me in:

  • lifting those affected by the recent shootings in prayer
  • lifting anyone affected by violence in prayer, and
  • lifting your community, anywhere you’ve ever lived, and the world (Don’t be discouraged by the world! Prayer still works, even at global levels!), in prayer.

There are SO many things to pray for in that list, so please take your time and even consider writing out your prayers over a number of days. This world needs intercession and prayer, and people who are willing to do those things in the name of Jesus.

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